What do All Cabinets offer?

We offer a design, supply and fit service of lots of types of built in furniture, including...

  • Built In Wardrobes
  • Bespoke Alcove Cabinets
  • Fitted Bookcases
  • Media Units
  • Office/Study Furniture
  • Hand-Made Kitchens
  • Bay Window Seats
  • Radiator Covers

Check out our services page for further information and images of our previous works.

Why built in furniture? Why bespoke furniture?

Alcoves are a perfect example of why built in furniture is the best option for maximising your storage space. Alcove cabinets, for example, create a seamless finish between itself and the existing features of the house so it appears as if the built in furniture has been in your home forever.

Walls are never the same, never straight and never square so if you have a bespoke kitchen, for example, we take our measurements from your walls so they fit exact. This means you may be able to fit an extra saucepan in the unit where as a freestanding piece would restrict your space.

What designs do we offer?

The most common designs we offer are traditional, shaker and contemporary.

If you have a Victorian, Edwardian or Georgian house then a traditional cabinet or a traditional wardrobe would be the typical choice. We complete a traditional wardrobe with cornicing, flutes and mouldings on the doors to add that extra bit of character to your home.

If you prefer something a little simpler, a shaker style would suit well too. Shaker is just a plain panel door with no mouldings. Shaker kitchens are quite popular as well as shaker wardrobes which add detail without being too fussy. You can still add cornicing and flutes if you wish.

A traditional or shaker panelled door on a traditional wardrobe or shaker wardrobe can be single panelled, double panelled, triple panelled or with however many panels you like.

Or if you are looking for something more modern, a contemporary design is perfect for this. A contemporary door is just flat with no detail so if you have a contemporary wardrobe with 5 doors, all you see is the lines of the doors. With contemporary cabinets, contemporary kitchens or contemporary wardrobe doors, you can add finger pulls for an aesthetic detail.

How do we finish our built in furniture?

All of our bespoke furniture is sprayed in our spray booth. We spray with a high quality lacquered finish which ranges from a 10% matt to a high gloss. We are able to colour match any colour so your new fitted wardrobes can be the exact same colour as your bedroom walls to create an even more seamless finish.


What areas do you provide your services in?

We offer our services to all parts of London, Kent, Essex, Surrey and Sussex. Not sure if we cover your area? Get in contact with us to find out.